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About The Book


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  • Book Title – Accelerate to Glory, (ATG) A to Z Principles to Success in Life and Business.
  • Self-development book to inspire, inform and transform

You want to do more, be more and have more?
You want to excel, get to the next level in life and business?
Are you feeling hopeless?
Lost your passion to live?
Does life seem stagnant with no progress?
Do your dreams and goals seem to be fading away?
You want to jumpstart your life and business?

You need a fresh start, a new beginning, a paradigm shift!!

The book:

  • Offers a lifetime worth of fifty-two principles with practical tools that will re-ignite your passion to pursue your goals and purpose in life.
  • Transform and revolutionize your life, help make your dreams and goals a reality.
  • Catapult you to success and life will be more meaningful!
  • Create an attitude and mindset shift.
  • Excel and stand out among your competitors

What makes the book different and unique!!

  • Principles starting with letter A through Z. Each letter has two principles, this makes it easy to remember & apply daily.
  • Re-introduce key important principles such as wisdom, zest, zeal, serve and many more.
  • Each principle is defined and explained for clarity & in depth understanding of the word.
  • Easy read, the writing is concise, straight to the point with actionable examples.
  • Layout is well organized & structured for clarity.
  • Verses from the famous book the Bible to reflect on.
  • Quotes from visionaries and trail blazer to inspire you.


Are you ready to ATG?
Do you want to ATG?

Join me on this exciting and empowering journey to ATG – Accelerate to Glory!!



Copyright © 2015 Emelia Adjei. All Rights Reserved.

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